Radio this morning! #rockstarlife #not

Worked 4 nights in a row, have a radio interview at 9am tomorrow plus an acoustic performance then other promo things all week. I like the sound of this musician stuff.

It sounds hot, not sure if that's helpful though :/

If I wore no pants to work then I’d get fired and I need moneyyyy

It'd probably get your not caring point across more if you wore no pants to work. Just an idea ;)

I wear no pants about 90% of the time so does that still count?


HQ Photo’s of Jessie backstage at Fusion Festival today! (31/08)


This is probably my favourite picture I took of Jessie tonight…


Idk what she was even doing but it looked amazing

New dress ftw

My level of not caring is so fucking high right now that I am wearing fat pants at work. Don’t touch me.